Gochiso Kitchen - Japanese Cooking and Sushi Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learn authentic Japanese cooking and sushi in the San Francisco Bay Area

Gochiso Kitchen offers Japanese cooking and sushi classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Group and team-building classes for people who want to learn how to cook home-style Japanese meals. 


Contact us below to get started cooking wonderful Japanese food at Gochiso Kitchen! 

If you'd like to sign up for a class, create your own custom menu for private lessons, have any questions, food allergies, or have anything else you'd like to chat about, please let us know! 

Upcoming classes and availability:

Sushi classes ($88 / person)

  • Saturday, June 16th @ 5:30pm
    (Sold out)
  • Saturday, June 23rd @ 5:30pm
    (sold out)
  • Sunday, June 24th @ 4:00pm
    (Sold out)
  • Satruday, July 14th @5:30pm
    (some spots available)
  • Sunday, July 22nd @4:00pm
    (sold out)
  • Sunday, August 5th @4:00pm
    (still some spots available)
  • Sunday, August 26th @4:00pm
    (still some spots available)

Basic Japanese cooking class ($80 / person)

  • Sunday, June 17th @ 4:00pm (Sold out)
  • Sunday, July 15th @ 4:00pm (Sold out)
    - Salmon teriyaki
    - Cuttlefish, cucumber and green onion salad with sesame dressing
    - Daikon radish pickles (shio koji and ama sake pickles)
    - Rice soup with sour plum (ume) (Dashi chazuke)
    - Black sesame mousse for dessert!
  • Sunday, July 29th @4:00pm (sold out)
  • Sunday, August 12th @4:00pm (still some spots available)
    - Yakitori bowl with onsen tamago
    - Salad with mushroom dressing
    - Lightly pickled nappa cabbage with ama sake
    - Clear soup with soft tofu and aosa nori
    - Matcha mizu yokan for dessert (white bean paste with matcha green tea)

We look forward to hearing from you!  


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