Gochiso Kitchen - Japanese Cooking and Sushi Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learn authentic Japanese cooking and sushi in the San Francisco Bay Area

Gochiso Kitchen offers Japanese cooking and sushi classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Group and team-building classes for people who want to learn how to cook home-style Japanese meals. 

Contact us below to get started cooking wonderful Japanese food at Gochiso Kitchen! 

If you'd like to sign up for a class, create your own custom menu, have any questions, menu preferences, food allergies, or have anything else you'd like to chat about, please let us know! 

Upcoming classes and availability:

Sushi classes ($88 per person)

  • Tuesday, July 18th from 6:30PM (sold out)
  • Sunday, July 23 from 4:00PM (2 seats agailable)
  • Sunday, July 30th from 4:00PM (sold out)
  • Sunday, August 6th from 4:00PM (2 seats available)
  • Sunday, August 20th from 4:00PM (still some seats available)

Basic Japanese class ($75 per person)

  • Sunday, July 16th from 4:00PM (sold out)


  • Home made satsuma age with edamame (Fried fish balls with edamame) (手作りさつま揚げ)
  • Grilled turnip and aburaage with sesame sauce (焼き蕪と油揚げの胡麻和え)
  • Agedashi- tofu (Deep fried tofu with Japanese broth) (揚げだし豆腐)
  • Miso soup with mushrooms(きのこの味噌汁) 
  • Dessert

We look forward to hearing from you!  


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