Gochiso Kitchen - Japanese Cooking and Sushi Classes in the San Francisco Bay Area

Learn authentic Japanese cooking and sushi in the San Francisco Bay Area

Gochiso Kitchen offers Japanese cooking and sushi classes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Group and team-building classes for people who want to learn how to cook home-style Japanese meals. 


Contact us below to get started cooking wonderful Japanese food at Gochiso Kitchen! 

If you'd like to sign up for a class, create your own custom menu for private lessons, have any questions, food allergies, or have anything else you'd like to chat about, please let us know! 

Upcoming classes and availability:

Sushi classes ($88 /person)

Sunday, February 10th @4:00pm(Sold out)

Thursday, February 14th @6:30pm(Sold out)

Sunday, February 17th @4:00pm(2 spots available)

Saturday, February 23rd @5:00pm (Sold out)

Sunday, March 3rd @5:00pm(Still some spots available)

Basic Japanese cooking class ($80 /person)

Saturday, February 9th @5:00pm (Sold out)

Sunday, February 24th @4:00PM (1 spot available)

The menu for 2/9, and 2/24 is

  • Grilled black cod marinated with saikyo miso (Ginmutsu saikyo yaki, 銀むつ西京焼き)

  • Deep fried eggplant marinated with Japanese sauce (Nasu no age bitashi, 茄子の揚げびたし)

  • Edamame marinated with white soy sauce(枝豆の白醤油漬け)

  • Clay pot rice with ginger and fried tofu (生姜と油揚げの土鍋ご飯)

  • Miso soup with mushrooms (きのこの味噌汁)

  • Dessert (I will prepare this before hand and will give you a recipe)

*If I cannot get black cod, I will substitute to other fish(sea bass or something else). Thank you for your understanding!

Sunday, March 10th @4:00PM (Still some spots available)

Menu for 3/10 is

  • Salt encrusted Kurobuta pork with mustard soy sauce(黒豚の塩釜焼)

  • Seasonal vegetables with spicy miso dipping(季節の野菜、辛みそ添え)

  • Dashi maki tamago(Japanese style omlette with dashi stock) (出汁巻き卵)

  • Miso soup with fried tofu and tofu (油揚げと豆腐の味噌汁)

  • Clay pot rice(土鍋ご飯)

  • Dessert (I will prepare this before hand and will give you a recipe)

We look forward to hearing from you!  


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